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Our  Redeemed Christian Church of God in Vancouver BC, is a welcoming place that raises your spirit and love for God. Experience heartwarming worship, learn through inspiring teachings, and connect with supportive friends. At RCCG Rose of Sharon, we celebrate the love of Jesus and develop a connection, or a deeper understanding of your faith, we’re here for you. Join us to build hope, unity, and faith.

​We are more than a simple church. Our commitment to bringing God to people and our passion for creating a transnational movement that will find and educate the leaders of tomorrow are what characterize us the best.
Our team of church attendants is entirely dedicated to the mission-inspired to us by God. We are here to bring people together during our weekly gathering but also during all the events organized by our church throughout the year. The church we have established is the true house of God and its reach goes beyond mere celebrations and prayers.

Being a center of the local life in Vancouver is what we aim for. Bringing joy and peace to the heart of the Christians make us happy and fulfilled. Now it’s also your turn to share the beauty of our faith to others among your friends, colleagues, and family members.
Let us show you directly what Jesus can bring to your daily life by visiting us anytime you want. Our team members are always ready to give you some thoughtful advice and discuss with you life concerns.

Take advantage of our Bible lessons and conferences to get closer to your creator and learn more about The God of Salvation. Our qualified teachers will do all they can to convey to you the message of God. Our common goal should be to embody as much as we can the teachings of Jesus in our daily life. Let’s build and grow together for a better future!